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Creating a Sanctury Space

A sanctuary space is actually a private retreat.  A space that exudes soothing energy that eases unnerving vibes, and creates a calming ambience that one can do his/her favourite pastime and yet have a good rest. 


Through a well-defined process, R360 Interior works with clients to define the parameters of these design needs. We determine whether a full redesign or renovation is necessary or if a refresh will do the trick, including new paint and new decor. We then look at the client’s energy and determine the most effective type of sanctuary to create.

To clarify, a sanctuary is a space of tranquility. But tranquility can mean different things to different people. Some are calmed by low lighting, muted colors and supple textiles. Others feel themselves relax amongst deeper shades and minimal, structured furniture. Together, we work to suss out what elements allow you to detach and be fully present to your experience in your space.

Spa and Wellness
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